Thursday, 10 June 2010

wiggle out of this one luv....

After spending a very long 6 months in a job from hell on return from maternity leave and finally being driven to quit, after spending 9 months in and out of hospital coping with the pregnancy from hell and severe hyperemesis, and the last 5 years of putting up with my husband's seriously potent flatulance.... his constant comments about me being a "Sensitive Sally" and his inability to operate the washing machine...yet expertly operate the TV remote....... Because men can be arse-holes.... I finally have gotten my revenge....

He will be taking munchkin to his favourite child entertainers... The Wiggles concert halfway across London, to watch 4 grown men going through a mid-life crisis.  The most depressing thing is not watching them embarrass themselves, but watching them make millions from it (my husband's mid-life crisis made the very opposite for us).

For those of you who don't know who these Aussie little delights are... wiggle on over here

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